A product designer & design-focused engineer based in Shenzhen, China. With 10+ years of experience in digital design, front-end development and team management. More resume details on read.cv. I'm looking for a new job, if you are interested, ping me.



Product Design at Mask Network

Working on some new projects including apps and branding with a tons of talent web3 guys.


Creative Director at Provice

A web3 company working on discord like social products, I helped them design all web and apps.


Design Manager at OPPO

Collaborated with the design team and engineering team for in-house projects like design system, design tooling, Figma plugins.


Freelancer at DEX Group

A tiny digital design agency works closely with clients, design products for startups and founders. It is also an online design community, runs events, design trips and courses.


Design Director at 36Kr

I designed 36Kr websites, Next(like Product Hunt), Kr Space, and many other things. I aslo managed a small product design team around 10+ people.


Principal Designer at QFPay

I helped them design almost everything as the first designer at this early stage startup. It's like Square of China.


UI Designer at Sourcebits

At this India-based global design agency, I designed visual interfaces for web, iPhone and Android platforms.


Powered by Next.js and deployed on Vercel. Data stored in Notion, Raindrop and JSON. I prefer Stitches as my CSS Framework, and Colors System based on Radix Colors, ⌘K is used for Command Menu.

FYI: this site is NOT done yet, tons of stuff and data need to polish.